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 Our services include.

    Patios ~ Walls ~ Steps ~ Walkways ~ Foundation Repointing ~ Basement Waterproofing ~ Stucco Seating walls ~ Cobblestone Driveway Aprons Fireplaces ~ Stairs ~ Stone Veneer ~ Parging Chimney Repairs ~ Chimney Caps ~ Fire Pits Excavation ~ French Drains ~ Dry Wells

 Sump Pumps ~ Basement Drainage Systems Water sealing ~ Downspout Drain 

Sill Repair ~ Brick Driveways ~ Crack Repair Demolition ~ Dumpster rental

Construction Debris Disposal


We are focused on providing only the highest quality craftsmanship as well as client satisfaction. For well over a decade, we have built a highly successful construction company based on safety, honesty, reliability, and attention to detail. We are dedicated to our clients and will do everything we can to meet and surpass your expectations


 O’Sullivan Brick and Stone will enhance your environment and beautify your property

Please contact us at any time to schedule your complimentary consultation

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